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WWW Support is not just software - it is a way to improve your business, save your time and increase your profit. The package includes Bug Tracking, Task Manager, Content Manager, and Feedback Tracking, Forum subsystem, Subscription and email distribution subsystem. And all these tools you can try before you buy. Visit the product site to create your free account and to get more information about the product. WWW Support can be useful to Developer Teams, Project Managers, Small Business Owners, Web Masters and many other professionals.


eShop – e-commerce solution for small and medium size businesses. eShop includes product and price management interfaces, shopping cart support for simple and multiparts products, payment processing interface and more.


FOSS Software Inc. has been successful in providing custom software development and software consulting services for more than five years.
Our products are used in 42 countries by thousands people. They are translated to 34 languages. We have been successful with our products and we can help you to be successful with yours! Any client is important for us. We work with giants like AOL and with small start-up businesses. We have our own methodology proven by time to work with our clients. Our rates are reasonable; our experience has been proven.
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DispatchWork is software that saves time, money and increases customer satisfaction. Real-time, online and fully web-based, this advanced dispatch software makes it easy to keep track of any of your tasks. Easily view the status of each service ticket every day. Export the daily schedule to a printable spreadsheet file and/or to your accounting software (QuickBooks, PeachTree).


Prof-UIS is an easy-to-use MFC extension library that enables you to deliver Windows applications with a professional and user-friendly interface. More than 150 thoroughly tested and documented C++ classes, templates and interfaces will help you take the time and complexity out of incorporating rich and up-to-date GUI facilities in your projects: on-the-fly changeable Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003 and Visual Studio 2005 themes, tabbed docking windows, tab containers with detachable tabs, extremely customizable and powerful data grid and property grid controls, customizable menus, toolbars and keyboard accelerators, multi profile GUI persistence, and much more...


FOSS Software, Inc. provides a top quality software development for iPhones / Android / Blackberry. We help your business to take a full advantage of modern mobile technologies in unlocking new revenue streams and winning new customers. Our mobile solutions will help your business to go mobile with your iPhones, iPads or Blackberries!
Our mobile software development services are specifically designed to quickly transform your existing online business into a successful mobile one, and your new ideas into successful mobile products. We make sure that your customers will definitely reach you at the point when they really need you, wherever they would be.



Elegant Ribbon is a set of Windows Forms controls that allow you quickly and easily provide your application with a new-generation user interface like that introduced in Microsoft Office 2007. It is written in 100% managed C# and is CLS compliant. We are using several innovative approaches to bring you the best possible and complete UI solution available on the market: context-sensitive and windowless controls, command-oriented programming interface, XML-based skinning, and WYSIWYG and rich design-time support in Visual Studio.


The Elegant Grid is a .NET component designed to help developers easily create the presentation layer of table and hierarchical data for professional Windows Forms applications. It is written in 100% managed C# and CLS compliant. The component architecture is designed to be conceptually compatible with all the Windows Forms elements including DataGridView. This allows you to use your existing skills and knowledge when developing with the Elegant Grid.


Web site is can be just "internet face" of you company or tool what your customers use to communicate with your team or it can be advertisement place for your products any case your web site should nice and professional look - our design studio is ready to help. We can delivery to you what you need – from simple banner to complex web-based ecommerce solution. We are offering not just “nice look” – our goal is to provide you useful and easy to operate toolkit for moving your business forward through The Net.



Prof-UIS Frame Features is a powerful ActiveX control that is based on Prof-UIS and allows you to easily provide your applications with rich and up-to-date graphical user interfaces similar to those used in Microsoft Office XP/2003 and Visual Studio 2005.


The communication program TCPFOSS is intended for transferring files through local and global networks using TCP/IP protocol. Fully automatic, secure data transfer is one of the characteristic features of TCPFOSS.


Our company provides experienced SEO services. We will work with your website to apply proper SEO techniques that are guaranteed to increase your search engine rankings. The quality SEO services and internet marketing technologies will help you move up in the search engines, get more traffic to your site and ultimately get more sales.



You company needs to develop some software but don’t have enough resources in software development area. We will help you to see advantages and disadvantages and make “right for you” choice. May be you need YOUR OWN OFFSHORE COMPANY? We can build it for you!


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