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Dispatch Work



  DispatchWork is a web based (Internet and/or Intranet) Service Team Automation software solution.
It has “all your needed” features and is very easy to use.  

The Feature set includes:

  • Scheduling – schedule your techs and subcontractors
  • Tracking – track  service requests and assignments
  • Email Integration – email notification during all the steps of the service process
  • Customer Management – manage customer accounts
  • Customer Connect – allow your customers to create tickets and track completion
  • Billing – full integration with QuickBooks, PeachTree, and other accounting software
  • Mobility – special mobile user interface for iPhones, Treos, Blackberry, etc.

DispatchWork software is:

  • Built on MS SQL Server using the most modern technologies
  • Accessible via a WEB interface any place of the world, at any time
  • Compatible with most of pocket computers, palmtops, communicators and smartphones available on the market today.

After DispatchWork is installed on your Enterprise's server, all that you need to do is:

  • create users and assign user rights (for example, for your dispatchers and technicians)
  • import or enter Customer and Employee data from your Accounting Software
  • let your personnel perform easy ticket/order management locally or remotely

DispatchWork is software that saves time, money and increases customer satisfaction. Real-time, online and fully web-based, this advanced dispatch software makes it easy to keep track of any of your tasks. Easily view the status of each service ticket every day. Export the daily schedule to a printable spreadsheet file and/or to your accounting software (QuickBooks, PeachTree). Full compatibility with QuickBooks Accounting and PeachTree Software lets you make an easy one-click importing/exporting operations. View and find all the necessary orders on one page for faster scheduling.

DispatchWork users can view schedules ahead of time for better planning and time management. Dispatchers, as well as service techs and other employees can easily create, modify or complete orders (tasks, tickets) online according to assigned privileges. They can do this via pocket PCs and other mobile communicators, as well as via standard workstations - any device connected to internet. The program interface is simple, intuitive and very easy to use.


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