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The communication program TCPFOSS is intended for transferring files through local and global networks using TCP/IP protocol. The mode of transferring is automatic.
In comparison with other similar programs, TCPFOSS has the following advantages:

  • Data transfer in the duplex mode.
  • Guaranteed file transfer even in case of connection failure.
  • Transferred files may be assigned different transfer priorities.  Higher-priority files take precedence and lower-priority files are suspended. This makes it possible to send low-priority files of any size without causing delays in transferring high-priority files.
  • The innovative protocol used in TCPFOSS increases the transmission speed when a great amount of small files are transmitted. For instance, when using a direct connection to transfer files of size 1kByte or less, TCPFOSS exceeds PROCARRY in speed by about 2.5 times and FTP by more than 3 times. For the satellite communication channels and X.25, these figures are even more impressive.
  • Security system against unauthorized access based on the double-key RSA encryption algorithm.
  • Transferring files having long names.
  • Possibility to use the Internet for data transfer.
  • Possibility to share a communication channel between different applications (for instance, SQL-queries, WEB-servers, etc.).
  • Packet routing by means of the facilities of operation systems. In case of failure of a direct connection, this guarantees a normal program execution if an indirect transmission channel is available.
  • Easy to integrate with the mail systems using external communication programs.
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